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Proper sterilization of medical and surgical equipment is extremely important to prevent infections and to ensure complete medical safety.


Whether you're a medical professional with large-scale commercial needs or an individual with personal medical requirements, always utilize safe medical detergents for your equipment cleaning needs.


You can depend on us for a wide range of enzymatic cleaning detergents for medical and surgical equipment. Elite Medical Equipment & Services is a locally owned and operated business for over 25 years.

Safe cleaning detergents for all kinds of medical equipment

Get name-brand cleaning agents for your medical equipment

  • Tri-Power Enzymatic Cleaning Detergents from United BioTech. These cleaning agents are neutral PH, non-corrosive, free rinsing and safe for use on scopes and instrumentation. They're known for their universal applications and are completely bio-degradable and eco-friendly.

  • Enzymatic detergents for sonic cleaners, wash-checks, instrument care products, and adhesive removers from Ultra Clean. We also provide SteriZyme and Sanizyme Triple Enzymate Detergent.

  • Pure Processing

  • PureChannel Flush Instrument Channel Cleaner

  • ProSpray

  • Automatic dispensing detergents from Miele Professional


   United BioTech-Tri-Power Enzymatic Cleaning Detergents 

  • Neutral PH

  • Non corrosive

  • Free rinsing

  • Safe for use on all scopes and instrumentation

  • Universal applications

  • Completely bio degradable and eco friendly in formulation-super concentrated


    Ultra Clean

  • Enzymatic detergent for sonic cleaner

  • Wash checks

  • Instrument care products-adhesive remover

  • Sterizyme

  • Santizyme-Triple enzymate detergent


    Pure Processing

  • PureChannel

  • Lush Instrument Channel Cleaner

  • ProSpray



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Sterilize and clean your medical equipment with quality cleaning agents

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