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Sterile storage

You can always trust Elite Medical Equipment & Services to provide you with a wide range of sterile storage and transportation needs recommended by AAMI, AORN and JACHO.


Sterile storage and transportation services

Offering sterile storage products from leading manufacturers

  • Belintra - Sterisystem™ optimizing patient protection and increased infection control by ensuring  surgical instrument sterility

  • Technibilt - Storage and transport solutions for the healthcare market

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  • Harloff – Enclosed stationary and mobile storage, for endoscopy departments for cath labs, EP labs and OR rooms.

  • Lista and Stanley Vidmar – Workstations, storage for surgical instruments and accessories.

  • Clinical Choice – high-quality scope cabinets and endoscopy products.

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Belintra Sterile Storage

Providing reliable sterile storage services since 2013

From sales and installation to service and repair, we have the knowledge and experience to handle all your medical equipment needs.


Choose us for your sterile storage and transportation needs and have peace of mind knowing that your medical equipment is stored in the safest conditions possible.

  • Increased infection control

  • Ensuring surgical instrument sterility

  • Optimizing patient protection

  • Avoid wet packs

  • Reduce tears, cuts and holes in the sterile wraps

  • Save time through improved organization

  • Reduce the risk for contamination

  • Optimize the available space

  • Choose your space saving storage

  • Staggered investment is possible

  • Cost savings and increased patient safety

  • Compatible open or closed transport solutions